CannaQueen Consulting is here to help take the confusion out of cannabis! This is an unprecedented time in Canada as recreational cannabis was recently legalized on a federal level. Community members, stakeholders, industry leaders, and everyday people are looking for answers to questions they didn't even know they had. CannaQueen Consulting helps people make their own informed decisions about cannabis consumption, to navigate the extensive world of products and accessories, and to share information that empowers a safe and fun cannabis experience.

Why Cannabis?

We believe that cannabis is a powerful tool for healing, a catalyst for social and economic equality, and is providing unprecedented opportunity for women and people of colour in business. Unfortunately misinformation and stigma are prevalent, often reducing cannabis users to a punchline. We are proud and humbled to join the an industry full of driven and brilliant professionals ahead of their time. CannaQueen Consulting is here to help people feel empowered in their cannabis choices through education and engagement.

About Ashley, Founder of CannaQueen Consulting

I am a #HamOnt native, with a passion about community improvement, environmental activism, and ending the stigma around cannabis use. A health crisis lead me to radical change, a medical cannabis license, and a whole new approach to wellness. After completing an undergrad degree in Communications & Environmental Studies, I pursued my post-graduate degree in Environmental Management to help businesses make sustainable choices. Since graduation I have worked in communications, using content to engage audiences and further education on environmental and cannabis issues and initiatives.

Lead by example, end the stigma ♥