Seriously, You Shouldn’t Toke and Drive

A surprisingly hot topic in the cannabis community is whether or not being under the influence impairs your ability to drive. There are people who vehemently defend that using cannabis makes them a better driver, the reasons ranging from less road rage to improved concentration. So does cannabis really make you a better driver?

Cannabis Lifestyle Education

Coming Out of the Cannabis Closet

As legalization for Canada approaches, cannabis is the topic of conversation in most social circles. Of course there are the people who will never try it, those thinking about it, and those already living openly with their cannabis use. Outside these groups are those who use cannabis frequently but are in the ‘cannabis closet’, keeping their habit under lock and key. These secret stoners like to hide in plain sight…


CannaQueen: An Origin Story

I still remember the day I told my parents about my new treatment approach after years of chronic pain. Social stigma combined with a family tendency towards addiction, I was apprehensive myself and was expecting a fight from my parents. But what I got from them was unconditional support, and a glimmer of hope for relief from the pain that had taken hostage of my life…