Content Development

Content creation for all things cannabis – blogs, newsletters, articles, social media content and more. Businesses, brands, and media outlets need a variety of content in order to educate, advocate, and entertain consumers in the world of legal cannabis. We specialize in writing quality content about the medical cannabis industry, lifestyle & culture, health & wellness, and breaking down stoner stereotypes.



Communications & Marketing

Such a large portion of our industry presence now is online, so it's important to make a great impression! By using a communications consultant you can really navigate and improve your brand's online presence and drive traffic to your networks.  We work with your business on website design, search engine optimization, reporting and analytics, market research, email marketing, social media strategy, brand awareness, and increasing  sales.

Patient Advocacy & Education

Medical cannabis is quite literally changing people's lives. In the bustle of legalization we have overshadowed many patient's needs and experiences. We offer advocacy and education from the patient's perspective. Book us for your podcasts, spotlights, industry panels, media, community talks, online community or in-person presentations.


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